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iziMöBIUS provide services that cover all aspects of electronic commerce including card payments, appreciation frameworks and the financial work flow process on an end-to-end basis. It provides a customer with the choice of an outright purchase, or an outsourced provision via iziMöBIUS and its partners. By not being a manufacturer of physical goods, we can promote a worldwide network of ‘best of breed’ products to our customers. The concerned companies all have local representation and local support and maintenance. Closely linked to outsourced ownership, product bundling is another iziMöBIUS initiative. The cost-effectiveness of dealing with a single, independent supplier organization becomes evident when acquiring various products. It means that the various components (e.g. EMV cards and terminals) arrive at the same time and that the possibility of product incompatibility issues is eliminated.

Our services include:

1. E-commerce platforms

iziMöBIUS implements and manages the end-to-end solutions to any B2B and B2C payment transactions via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Including:

The supply of plastic bank cards, private label cards, biometric equipment or tags
Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale
Switching environments
Live management of debtors/members and rewards treasuries

With many years of practical experience, we are recognized as a specialist in the field of card-based payments by several companies, organizations and transaction platforms.

2. Electronic Fund Transfers

iziMöBIUS manages the end-to-end process of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) transactions. We will ensure that your company’s electronic payments and collections are handled safely, securely and efficiently.

3. Treasuries

iziMöBIUS specializes in treasury systems geared for real time availability. We design a unique inference engine for each required application with business management experts to continually ensure that improvements are ongoing. The inference engine is used to filter and analyze all the data measured in real time according to the rule base setup. It then describes triggers to send instructions to the unit to manage the queries. We customize the inference engine to match the needs of the specific client.

4. Smart Cards

iziMöBIUS uses technology and processes to create EMV-compliant smart cards. We then personalize and envelope them in the South African market. Beyond this highly effective, entry-level approach to EMV compliance, we can procure higher functioning smart cards with, for instance, multi-application to meet particular customer requirements.

5. Member management:

iziMöBIUS implements a range of powerful applications to keep track of members through a number of technologies. Each company has specific needs in order for them to be competitive in their industry, to service their clients and to realize profitability. We provide our clients with a unique solution for their requirements that include acquiring and implementing the necessary equipment, managing the network infrastructure and creating and maintaining the treasury system. Depending on the specific requirements of the business, any of the following means can be implemented for user identification and management:

Chip based smart cards
Magnetic swipe cards
RFID tags
Biometric Identification

6. Card Issuing

We issue plastic cards, with or without chips, as per customer specification. We source cards from one of the largest and most technologically advanced plastic card suppliers in the world, and then complement the production effectiveness with localized pre-personalization, personalization and distribution capabilities.

7. Customer rewards systems

Rather than implementing a single loyalty program, iziMöBIUS prefers to implement a framework that can be monitored second by second and on which different types of loyalty schemes can be integrated. Cross settlement of existing loyalty schemes can be incorporated and managed from such a rewards framework. The framework should be part of an existing switching network. We deliver the following customer rewards services:

Loyalty/Rewards Framework
Cross settlement & redemption
Card manufacture & issuing
Reworking of existing systems

8. Ticketing, electronic vouchers and Event Management

iziMöBIUS’ WinTicket is a versatile venue management and ticketing/reservations system. It is designed to assist clients in managing the ticketing and reservation requirements of various events at different types of venues. The system comprises two separate, but fully integrated components that provide clients with a wide range of sales channels.

1. The advanced Windows software application is designed for independent use and is utilised at the client’s call-centers and box offices.
2. The Internet interface is hosted centrally on behalf of each client and provides fully automated Internet ticketing capabilities. It is fully managed and configured by the client using the abovementioned software application online. The interface enables the client to do real time online payments. The integrated management tools in the application allow clients to fully manage and configure all aspects of the system (including user-security and events/venue characteristics) at his/her convenience and provide extensive financial, operational and marketing reporting functionality. The customer can alter the venue table and seat settings and requirements for the seat, venue and event.

9. Billing systems

iziMöBIUS has a large number of members in its global database that may be deployed for debt collection purposes in large organizations. At the end of each month, the organization receives a report stating which accounts were paid and which ones not. Importantly, the debtor benefits by only paying banking fees for one debit order issued by iziMöBIUS, instead of individual fees for each outstanding payment.

10. Terminals

iziMöBIUS provides EFTPOS terminals sourced from various manufacturers to meet the different merchant processing requirements and cost points. We also provide technology on an outsourced ownership basis, where equipment is supplied, installed and maintained for a competitive monthly charge. Clients may purchase the equipment or come to an outsourced ownership agreement where they retain full merchant marketing responsibility and customer control. Various options are available in terms of how much or little of the end-to-end value chain is to be provided by iziMöBIUS, each for a predetermined monthly charge. Typically, this would mean a contemporary, highly functional EFTPOS terminal to be installed and fully maintained.