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1. Retail / Wholesale

The proprietary transaction management solutions, based on ISO 8583 and accredited by VISA and MasterCard, are set to revolutionize the way the world transacts. It makes the perfect transaction possible where authenticated parties can rely on a completely integrated transaction cycle. This technology enables integrated management of settlement, procurement, workflow, delivery and customer relationships. We recently played a fundamental role in a successful pilot project of this technology at a renowned shopping centre in Cape Town. It involved the launch of a payment and loyalty management system, operating throughout all the shops in that centre, and switched transactions to a South African Bank. The shops needed to meet certain requirements and complete a User Acceptance Test (UAT) to ensure the security of transactions. This instance is one of the many examples of our competence and experience in the field of payment and loyalty management systems in retail groups.

2. Transport

iziM÷BIUS created a homogenized public transport system that ensures efficiency and cost effectiveness. This Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) consists of:

Passenger and Fare Management Systems for Integrated Fare Management
Vehicle Tracking Systems for Route Monitoring, Fare Calculations and Law Enforcement
Operations Planning and Scheduling
Fleet Management Systems for maintenance planning and scheduling, and Vehicle Diagnostics information
Broadcast based Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) for Passenger Information
Interactive ATIS with infrastructure based route planning for Passenger Information
Employer Group Management
Vehicle Security Systems for Safety and Security

This ITS allows for dynamic data reporting to various stakeholders from the owners to local and national authorities.

3. Healthcare

Smart card technology will revolutionize health care by providing a secure carrier for portable medical records, thereby opening a world of new possibilities. This application can improve the security and privacy of patient information, reduce health care fraud and provide secure access to emergency medical information. It also enables compliance with government initiatives and mandates, provides support for patient loyalty programs and a platform to implement additional applications as needed. Some specific modules where health care can benefit from smart card technology include:

Member Management
Billing / Contribution Management
Provider Management
Claims Processing
Benefit Management
Employer Group Management
Broker Management

4. Community Banking

iziM÷BIUS aims to facilitate mobile community banking and financial inclusion at the groundroots level. This is consistent with the rural banking concept and intends to provide relevant and affordable financial services in communities not currently serviced by the banking sector.

5. Fuel & Fore Court

Keeping to iziM÷BIUSĺ Technology Best of Breed selection, we can offer potential strategic alliances with key players in the fuel industry. iziM÷BIUS does not only offer procurement and financial switching, but also data-mining, helpdesk support and rollout and project management. iziM÷BIUS also provides global management consulting, other technology services and outsourcing within the industry. Committed to delivering innovative technology, iziM÷BIUS collaborates with clients to assist them in becoming high-performance businesses and governments. With industry and business process expertise, broad global resources and a proven track record, iziM÷BIUS can mobilize the right people, skills, and technologies to help clients improve their performance.