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iziMöBIUS’ core staff comprises of experts with loads of experience in the adaptation of new technologies to card-based payment projects. We stand in high regard throughout the electronic payment industry because of our extensive knowledge, practical experience, strategic alliances and rich history of success. We are therefore in the fortunate position to provide unprecedented quality of both products and services to our clients.


iziMöBIUS prioritises the provision of a professional service that meets and exceeds client expectations. iziMöBIUS is committed to the ethical conduct of business in a transparent and participatory manner, in accordance with the ethical standards provided by the professional bodies of the various industries within which we conduct business.


iziMöBIUS plans to be a world-class technology company that tangibly improves the performance of the organisations it's involved with. iziMöBIUS believes it possible to reach these heights in quality and service by teaming up with the right companies and organizations.


iziMöBIUS has a 55% BEE status through shareholding by African Renaissance Holdings. African Renaissance Holdings is also, among other achievements, the founding shareholder and promoter of the Grand Prix for Africa initiative. The remaining shares are held between individuals involved in the day to day management and running of iziMöBIUS.

What does iziMöBIUS mean?

A MöBIUS band is an intriguing shape with a single surface and one edge. You can make one by joining the two ends of a long strip of paper after giving one end a 180-degree twist. An ant can crawl from any point on such a surface to another point without ever crossing an edge. [Science News, 2000, Vol 158] One could therefore view it as a compressed infinity symbol, signifying continuity and consistency. This curious object is named after its 19th century discoverer, the astronomer and mathematician August Ferdinand MöBIUS (1790–1868), who was a professor at the University of Leipzig.